Sexy Gym Gear

Hitting the gym doesn’t always come easy and the motivation doesn’t always last. Maybe some new workout gear will do the trick? Sometimes it’s all the inspiration you need to get back in shape. Trust me when I say that working out never looked this good; so good that you can even wear these outside the gym.

5 activewear brands that make gym clothes sooo sexy.

1. Michi- Love this brand! Alluring, edgy and fashion-forward; perfect way to describe Michi’s sexy activewear.

Visit here.

2. The Upside- Practical and cute. It offers great support for all shapes and is ideal for training.

Visit here.

3. Spiritual Gangster- Colorful yoga inspired clothing that is a combo of urban vibes and dessert chic.

Visit here.

4. Free People Movement- If you’re a fan of Free People’s spirited aesthetic, you’ll love their equally fab Movement activewear line. They use gorgeous fabrics and have one-of-a-kind silhouettes.

Visit here.

5. L’urv- Sooo hot and one of my favorites! L’urv’s  apparel will definitely make you stand out at the gym, and who knows, maybe even motivate you to work out?

Visit here.

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