Basket Bags

I don’t need to tell you how cute basket bags are (super cute). Like a popsicle, wearing one feels like the perfect summer treat. But there’s a secret to basket bag success: it must to be functional, and if possible, sturdy too.

The Lilleth Bag from Cult Gaia (above) has both of these properties, which is why it’s so special. Merged with its 60s-esque accordion shape, it folds completely flat for ultimate mobility, it’s unique, practical, and soooo good looking.

Below are some of my other favorite basket bags. Enjoy!

You’re Wearing Your Coat All Wrong!

There’s a new pandemic sweeping the streets of the international Fashion Weeks. It seems as if everyone’s forgotten how to wear their coats.

Oh no, wait. Jay kay! This is a real trend, and it is called ‘shrobing.’

Puffers, aviator, leather and denim jackets are being worn to look as if they were being ‘shrugged’ off the shoulders.

Let’s be honest, it’s not the most practical of trends. A shoulder bag is a definitely a no-no, your coat is probably not serving it’s purpose of keeping you warm, and you almost certainly can’t lift your arms. But, who said fashion had to be practical?

The key to this trend? Wear a cross-body bag beneath your open ‘shrobed’ coat, and get a few solid layers on underneath to prevent nippiness.